How to Use a Keylogger to Hack a Facebook Account

Wondering how you can hack a Facebook account?

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Folks are consistently hunting for original tips on how to hack FB accounts

You’re hardly the first one. It’s doubtful if you’ll be the last to attempt it either. But before you go all ninja on your hacking moves, you should be aware that there are so many ways to hack a Facebook account. Just try doing a Google search and you’ll know it’s true. Unfortunately, many of these methods and techniques listed in a hundred websites do not really work. Worse, a good number of them are scams themselves.

So in an effort to actually show what does work, we turn our focus on the second most popular of Facebook hacking methods – keyloggers.

What is keylogging?

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Hacking Facebook is simpler than you’ve probabably heard

Why is it being called the easiest way to hack Facebook? And if it’s just the second most popular, shouldn’t we really just be focusing on the first most popular method?

So many questions…

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Okay, let’s address them one by one, starting with why not use the most popular method. To begin with, the most popular method by far is phishing. And there are already so many websites that go through step by step guides to creating a phisher. Phishing is the method of creating a fake website that is a clone of the original. The goal, of course, is to trick the victim into entering his credential on the fake site thereby allowing the hacker to steal the info. If you want to learn more about it, there’s really no stopping you. We just chose to focus on keylogging because we feel it’s more efficient. More on that in a few.

Now what is keylogging? It’s the method of recording every single keystroke typed on a specific computer keyboard. Keyloggers are also called spy software. Once installed on the victim’s computer, it will run in stealth. It remains invisible and cannot be seen from the start-up screen or from a search of program files. But from the moment it is extracted, it already starts working. It will capture all the keystrokes ever done on the computer. Some keylogger software are so advanced that they even allow for screen shots to be captured and they monitor all computer activity including chats and video. Other ways to hack a Facebook account includes using sites such as which can hack Facebook in less than 30 minutes. It is pretty easy to do so this method should not need any further explanation.

The nice thing about using keyloggers is one doesn’t need to have any special knowledge of software or any advanced computer skills to sue it. Anyone with a basic knowledge and knows how to download and install files can pretty much use the software with no trouble. Hence, we feel that it’s the easiest of Facebook hacks to use.

Everything is recorded

Now you remember we mentioned it’s also very efficient. That’s because, again, all keystrokes are recorded. So even if your target is just Facebook, you pretty much get access details to all other accounts that the victim visited on his computer. That means the potential for information is practically limitless.

How exactly can you infect a computer with a keylogger file?

There are two ways to do it. Both would entail downloading the software and saving it into a file. With well over 1 billion users it’s no surprise why so many people are searching for Facebook hacks each and every day. The harder method is the hardware kind. In this technique, the file is saved on a USB drive or something similar. It must then be physically and manually connected to the victim’s computer for the file to be downloaded. This is tricky because you really don’t want to be thinking of ways to separate the victim from his PC and running the risk of being outed for the hacker that you are.

The second option is just plain software. After downloading and saving the file, you can just sent it as an email attachment to the intended recipient. Once he extracts the files, it will already start working. Now some emails will filter attachments and won’t let your infected file through. Here’s a workaround. Instead of sending the file via attachment, just send a link to the file. You can send the direct link in the body of the email. It bypasses the filter while still doing the job that it was intended to do.

Keylogging is the fastest, easiest way to hack into Facebook. So download the software today and be on your merry way.

If you are a common Facebook user, have you observed some odd link posted by your friend? Knowing that it was from your friend, you might even be intrigued and left wanting to look it over. But if it is very strange for your friend to post this then who else could it be but a hacker. How would you know the difference? Read on the tips offered below.